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Jupiter and Saturn in Retrograde Photo


This photo animation of Jupiter (brighter) and Saturn (dimmer) clearly reveals their retrograde motion. Their observation began shortly after their conjunction in May of 2000 and continued for eleven months, as they passed through the constellation of Taurus. Two star clusters are also visible, the Pleiades (the dipper shape just above center) and they Hyades (the "lazy V" below and left of center).

This series of twenty-three photos are Copyright 2001 Tunç Tezel, and are used with permission. The author reports that "the planets were imaged on 6, 24 June; 7, 24 July; 7, 21 August; 8, 28 September; 15, 30 October; 14, 27 November; 12, 25 December 2000; 9, 25 January; 16 February; 7, 25 March; 7, 20 April and 5 May 2001. The exposure for the base photo (16th Feb) was 1 minute long. The others ranged from 20 to 60 seconds." He then combined them together into this animated image.

The star chart background was produced on a Macintosh with the Voyager II program, and are ©1988-93 Carina Software, 830 Williams St., San Leandro, CA 94577, (510) 352-7328. Used under license.

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