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Introduction to Astronomy


Astronomy Links

Astronomy in Brief

Astronomy Picture of the Day A daily dose of intriguing pictures.

NASA's Science News A multidaily report on astronomy and planetary science.

Sky and Telescope's Weekly News Bulletin The latest happenings in astronomy.

Space Calendar Past, present and future events in astronomy and space science.

Current and Upcoming Astronomy Projects & Missions

Galileo The mission to Jupiter is still going strong.

Mars Global Surveyor The orbital phase of NASA's study of Mars.

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Orbiting asteroid 433 Eros since 2/14/2000

Stardust The first comet sample return mission.

SETI@Home How you can help Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence!

Rosetta The European Space Agency's mission to land on a comet in 2011!

Cassini The next mission to Saturn will arrive in 2004.

Past Astronomy Projects & Missions

Lunar Prospector The first NASA mission to the Moon in 25 years!

Mars Pathfinder NASA's mission to the surface of the Red Planet.

Mission to Mars More info about Pathfinder, including virtual reality movies!

Giotto The European Space Agency's mission to Comet Halley.

General Astronomy

The Nine Planets A multimedia tour of the Solar System.

Solar System Simulator View the planets close-up at any given time.

Welcome to the Universe A presentation by Boston's Museum of Science.

The Aurora All you ever wanted to know about auroras, including forecasts!

Miscellaneous Astronomy

AstroWeb Pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet.

Bad Astronomy Dedicated to the correction of myths and misconceptions.

Guide to Backyard Astronomy A guide to the many and varied ways to engage in amateur astronomy.

Planetarium Software A list of programs you can use on your own computer!

Macintosh Astronomy Software Astronomy programs specifically for the Mac.

Introduction to Astronomy

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